Tzu-Ping Chiang

Associate Professor

Office: Engineering 115
Tel: 082-0313521
Fax: 082-313528
Cell: 886-9111711093


Ph.D. Department of Civil Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan ROC, 2004.
MS. Department of Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan ROC, 1999.
BS. Department of Civil Engineering, Tamkang University, Taiwan ROC, 1997.


Associate Research Fellow, Collage of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, Mainland China.
Assistant Professor, Department of Operation Research and Technology Management, Kangning University, Taiwan ROC.
Assistant Professor, Department of Logistics Management, Leader University, Taiwan ROC.

Research Interests:

Road Engineering, Decision Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Transportation System.

Course Taught:

Soil Mechanics, Soil Mechanics Experiments, Application of Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering.


Journal papers

Author Year Publication Index
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Conference papers

Author Year Publication Conference
Ziping Chiang The pricing strategy in chain store operation simulation system based on decision Tree IEEE 2011 International Workshop on Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Emergency Management
Ziping Chiang, Chine-Ta Chen, Po-Hsun Sung, Jyh-Dong Lin. 2009 Weights Comparison of Pavement Surface Distress Index in China and the US ASCE GSP 195 Geohunan International Conference
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Author Year Publication Patent No.
蔣子平,胡昌斌,朱承堅 2016 判別建築物外牆構件穩定性的裝置 中國大陸專利CN201520997420.1
蔣子平 2012 回饋式線上多準則決策支援系統 中華民國I36539