Elena Gebel



I began to teach at this department from February 1, 2019. I am delighted to be in this wonderful environment teaching and research. I found the atmosphere in this department is joyful and warm. Even it is a small educational institution, I believe there is great potential for this department because every faculty member works so hard to make this department excel.

I realized that the department wants to blend artificial intelligence (AI) into numerous civil engineering professional courses and to provide opportunities for students to practice Python program and eventually to experience AI. I think this is a wonderful idea because AI is the future of civil engineering. Once students are able to master AI and know how to apply it, the ability will become great asset in their work places. Witnessing how hard the chairperson and faculty members did for this department, I am grateful to be part of the department. They know the difficulties in this university and they try to work it out. This attitude impresses me greatly. I am new in this university but I would like to contribute to this department. I am from Russia Federation and I will work with the department to implement the collaboration with Russian academic institutions. Such a way, this department will be able to realize its goal in internationalization. I would encourage high school students to apply for this department and to be members of this family, just like me because I already saw the infinite bright future of this vibrant educational institute. You will be happy and enriched with the department.


博士 Novosibirsk State Technical University,俄羅斯
碩士 Omsk State Technical University,俄羅斯
學士 Omsk State Technical University,俄羅斯


單位 職稱
Department of Automation and Robotics
Omsk State Technical University,俄羅斯
Department of Informational Technologies in Economics
Siberian institute of business and information technologies,俄羅斯







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